Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The blind leading the blind

This painting entitled 'The Blind Lead the Blind' was painted by Peter Bruegel the Elder (1525-1569), a great Renaissance painter from Netherlands. Inspired by the tenets of Renaissance, with particular focus of reneging on the frozen scholasticism of the Middle Ages, Bruegel was trying to portray how blind were those clinging to ossified religious dogmas... The pogress of the Renaissance was not at all denying the existence of God, but uplifting the individual, the free homo sapiens, in charge/control of its destiny.

Positioning this painting in today's reality would seem not so apt. However, given how our society and the world in general are going in the wrong direction all the time, it seems the painting is still of strong contemporary value. Dogmas (not only religious!) persist and many people are simply attached to them, by virtue of upbringing, affiliations, culture, ethnicity, race, etc. etc. etc. Unfortunately, the blind are led by the blind all the time. We get what we deserve. At the very least, I would hope, the blind would be led and given direction by those who are not blind...

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