Monday, May 5, 2008


The Orange Revolution in Ukraine is turning into a catastrophe for this country. The triangle, similar to the one here in the United States (Obama-Clinton-McCain), between Uschenko, Yanukovich, Timoshenko is being solidified... People are becoming obsessed over their favorite leader and incapable of listening to the others... No sense is restored and the Ukrainians are victims of the political nightmare... How did they come down to this? Well, the Yugoslavian case is pretty instructive. Once the unifying force of Communism disappeared, all the separationist, nationalistic tendencies came to surface... Especially when Ukraine became an important country for the United States' interests in the region, all of a sudden it found itself sandwiched between the world-wide wind currents-- hot and cold and from opposite sides, from Russia, Europe and the United States.

Ukraine is a sovereign nation and should determine its destiny on its own... At the same time, what if that sovereign nation is split into different ideologies and groups? Can there be a unified country when it is in reality split like that? Moreover, the Orange Revolution and Uschenko's ideology was very nationalistic and anti-Russian in its roots, which brought forth Russia's antagonism and the old generation's resentment. Uschenko's constituents were the newer generation, while Yanukovich's-- the older... So, it is a generational fight, among other things... At the same time, Russia should realize that these former republics are no longer satellites of Moscow and can have their own say with regard to their political ideologies... So, Russia's anger with Ukraine (as well as Georgia) is misplaced...

The orange is turning into a dark brown?..

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