Friday, September 11, 2009

Law double-edged sword...

There are times when I get the need to escape from the everyday parade, uproar and tumult and really think about what is happening around me. These are times when I step back into silent contemplation and musing, complete seclusion. I just thought, how little and powerless we are as individuals against the machinery that is driving the world. The so-called 'law' that we lawyers have learned to revere and analyze, is in fact a double-edged sword. Yes, it can empower the weak, the oppressed, those without power... But increasingly and devastatingly, it is a tool in the hands of the powerful against very those it was designed to protect... It is a tool to disempower, disenfranchise, destroy the will of ordinary people. Injustice through legal channels and under the guise of the law is commonplace. The Bill of Rights is in the gutter. I speak to older lawyers who tell me, 'We won't be a free society in fifty more years.' Someone in fact said, 'Are we a free society today?!' Those in power have the upper hand over the U.S. Constitution, its interpretation, its application, its very existence. The liberal institutions upon which this country has been built and has survived, now are cast into permanent oblivion. Because of economic crisis, people only care about the daily sustenance, not the rights they once enjoyed... But they do not realize that economic-social rights are part of their rights they have lost. Corruption, impunity, complete lack of accountability are commonplace. Police harrassing, intimidating, threatening and beating up people in the streets. No one seems to care. No one seems to talk about these things. You have no right to privacy, no right to speak your mind, no right to walk in the streets freely and fearlessly... The monster is driving the world... and there is no end to be seen.

The law is being used very wittingly and cunningly by those in power against the very those it was designed to protect.

President Obama is trying hard to work with those who do not share his values. Meanwhile, his own values-- values that earned him his popularity and victory-- are dissolving. He is not standing by his promises to unravel the damage brought upon this country by the monster... The promise was exactly that: to uphold the values he was espousing but is now slowly eschewing... Did American progressivism die with Ted Kennedy?! That is the question.