Friday, May 23, 2008

Meeting of influential prime-ministers

Diplomacy, diplomacy, diplomacy. It is the butter to the bread of politics. The two sister states, Russia and Ukraine, are scheduling a crucial meeting between the two prime-ministers, Vladimyr Putin and Yulia Timoshenko. This is in the background of very complicated and tense relations between Russia and Ukraine... What is to be expected? Well, analysts are seeking not simple diplomatic overtures, but real political solutions from these levered and highly shrewd politicians. And of course, there must be commitment on both sides to effectuate the policies stated at meetings in a friendly atmosphere...

(On a different note, it is really nice to see a woman politician in a dress and with a fancy hairstyle, having had the courage not to limit herself to the trivial suit worn by both sexes... Unfortunatley, there is this pressure on women politicians and lawyers to look like men and almost lose touch of femininity... Whenever Hillary Clinton displayed her female charm, she was attacked and laughed at...)

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