Sunday, April 13, 2008

Three-party race?

The road to the White House has turned into a three-party race. Or at least that is the impression. Working class/lower middle class-- for Hillary Clinton. The elites/academia/professionals-- for Barack Obama. The rich and military-- for John McCain.

Democrat vs. Republican is not the point any longer. First, John McCain is not a traditional Republican. His record suggests pseudo-Republican ideology. At the very least he is a moderate Republican.
Hillary Clinton is a centrist, with a deep commitment to the middle class, specifically with a lifelong passion for health care reform. Even with her working-class platform, she is a centrist. The Republican whining that she is a 'socialist' is so off the point and totally ludicrous.

As for Barack Obama, he has issues that I cannot reconcile with. While he is running a pretty liberal platform, he often sounds like Reagan. In his quest to raise above partisan politics and refresh the ideological/dogmatic stalemate of our politics, he loses his identity and is lost in his own voice. In his quest to 'unify' and bring people together, he turns into a chameleon who changes his/her mind to please everyone at a given time. Or he simply tries to have a 'sophisticated' approach to everything, for example, to Affirmative Action. Too sophisticated! At a difficult moment, when a decision has to be made, you have to side with one theory over the other. I simply cannot get a straight answer from him on any issue. Sometimes he just looks like a law professor, using a Socratic method to confuse and berate a student. I do not think an ordinary individual is up for the Socratic method from a politician. It also looks a bit arrogant...

Three-party race? Pseudo-Republican, centrist, pseudo-Democrat... Huh...

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