Friday, January 11, 2008

Tested and proven-- Hillary for President!

Just returned from a rally where I met Hillary. I can share with you my thoughts and emotions.
She exceeded all my expectations. She has ‘grown’ and has taken up the role of the new leader we are in search for. Charismatic, passionate, fearless, strong and full of charge for the challenge. Knowing very well what a nightmare the next President will inherit from Bush, she is standing up to the podium, ready to serve, ready to deliver. Not only she is ready, but she has the record to display behind the podium, suggesting that it is not only about words and beautiful speeches, but foremost about work you have done to stand up now and ask for a vote. This is a woman who can make a real difference in your lives. She is tested and proven. Through the years she fought hard for universal health care, for your jobs, your security at home. She was able to stand next to her husband and not leave him in difficult times. She was also able to survive Washington and the media who tried to destroy her so that she does not get to this day! Even right now she is very patient with the media and her male contenders who are constantly attacking her for every single thing! She has proven to be tough enough to withstand all crises and yet remain a woman, who can gracefully walk to the podium, smile and show her femininity! Who can also say, ‘I am running for President not because I am a woman, but because I am the most qualified. (quoting from today's rally). She is standing up and talking about America that we all lost hope for, she is talking about the ‘green-collar jobs’ that we can create to solve the energy crisis, she is talking about your homes in foreclosure that she will take steps to protect, she is talking about our troops coming home and how we are going to take care of them. She also talks about the America abroad that lost its face and how can regain it!

This is a leader who will roll up her sleeves and get to work the next day she is inaugurated President. She has the record to show that she will fight for you, those of you who are called by the name of ‘middle-class’—a group that is basically vanishing from the American scene, giving in to poverty. She is there for you! She is full of rechargeable power and energy that fires up the hearts of women, men, who love this country.

Vote for the first woman President of the United States of America! Vote for the powerful leader who can in fact make a difference in your lives! This is just the beginning of a new America!

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