Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Contest of 'personalities'?

The race between Hillary and Obama reflects the true dynamics in politics. Charisma vs. experience, change over known paths. It is very interesting to look back in history and see when the American voters wanted stability over change and vice versa. In times of war generally they wanted stability, not change. But when they got fed up with things, they wanted change and quickly.

Now it seems Obama, a young, charismatic, a relative newcomer to the political scene has gained the momentum with crowds who are really fed up with Washington and the war we did not need. While Hillary has got much more experience and a longer track record, it seems, voters are more excited with Obama. Obama has the Hollywood spark, Hillary has the solid 'lawyer' type of an image. The general population who hates lawyers and anything associated with them, run to Obama. But what occurred to me, Obama is also a centrist. He can appeal to a broad segment of the population. Really, I think at this point there is not much of a difference between them two, except for 'image'. So, it will all depend on who the voters will 'like' the most. This is not a contest of issues, but a contest of 'personalities.' You may disagree? But Obama does not have a long track record for you to compare and contrast with Hillary. Therefore, in some sense he has the advantage. There is little to attack him for. Probably, the Democratic voters cannot forgive Hillary for supporting the war in Iraq. But let us face it. The war in Iraq could have been handled much more differently with good planning and thinking. So, another President, for example Hillary, would have probably handled it very differently. The American voters would have cared less if the war had been short, relatively painless and with sensible planning. After all, they are used to the US deploying military force in different parts of the world. Remember Kosovo, or the Kuweit war by the Bush father? As far as international law and human rights, which percentage of the American population even knows about them (unfortunately).

That is why sometimes politics does not make sense. It turns into a contest of 'personalities'.

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