Sunday, January 27, 2008

Outline for IL

If I were to teach international law, I would use the following general outline. Of course, under each there are numerous subsections. But a student of international law must look at this big picture:

1. History/origins and development of international law. Its relationship with international relations.

2. How international law is made and applied. Sources of international law.

3. Enforcement of international law. Jurisdiction. Role of the UN bodies.

4. Human rights law as a separate and prominent segment of international law. Jus cogens and lack of consistent responses to violations of such norms.

5. Role of NGOs and their increasing influence.

6. Future of international law. Is it a captive of world politics? What is its status in the world and how it can make a difference.

7. Special areas of interest: transnational criminal law, environmental policies/law, business transactions, trade and IP.

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