Saturday, August 18, 2007

"When in doubt, shout it out!"

John J Cleary, a criminal defense attorney, who is now teaching at the MSU (Moscow State University), one of my mentors, likes to say, "When in doubt, shout it out!" There is no fairness, many say. I think, there is fairness if you choose to fight for it and if you only choose to search for it. Yes, it entails sacrifice and yes, it is often a risk you take. But when Mother Teresa (1910-1997) ventured forth on her voyage of a missionary, she did sacrifice much... And when Gandhi was fasting against violence and ethnic strife, he was risking his very life... And when Martin Luther King Jr. was shouting out his Dream, he was taking the same very risk... While most of us could not ever be like those people, each of us could take our own share of the risk and could offer our own little sacrifice for justice and fairness. Just look at the sea of endless human suffering engulfing the world... The children-- little creatures-- tortured by hunger and disease in Africa... The wars of the Middle East that have displaced thousands and thousands of people, seeking refuge in the desert of nowhere... The population growth of China and India, Tsunamis that do not end, earthquakes that destroy what has just been built and of course, the states that resort to military means to communicate with one another, the big business that cheaply eats up human labor with impunity... Action begins only after recognition of a fact... Mother Teresa wrote, "[I] felt it very deeply that while I should be snug in my bed... down the road there were those who have no cover." People who do not and cannot recognize these facts, will never find the courage to act... And action is needed now!

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