Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ancient Armenia-- Nairi

An ancient land, Armenia and ancient people, Armenians with age-old history... The historical horizon of this nation is covered with enormous suffering in efforts to survive in the hands of Arabs, Persians, Turks. A Christian nation, it was bound to be constantly invaded by neighboring Muslim tribes. Perhaps, the only historical ally and protector was Russia, also a Christian nation. A nation, always creative in arts and sciences, but alas not in building weapons for self-defense, now its land is indistinguishable on the map. A huge mass land was forcefully and slowly taken away from Armenians and most notably by Turks who achieved their purposes in a 1915 carefully devised genocide, under the auspices of WWI. The first genocide of the 20th century, it was going to be followed by others. Partly because the world remained silent in the face of it and did not stop it. Ancient Armenia's name was Nairi. My name, Narine, as derivative of Nairi, carries with it the sounds of the dark past and into a hopeful future of a small nation...

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