Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Solar power and thermonuclear energy

Scientists in Russia are pressed to develop the idea of "Tokamak" to harness the solar power. (here) The idea was first flirted with by Andrei Sakharov in the 1950s when working on creation of the hydrogen bomb. Today when the humankind is confronted with the energy crisis, it has become paramount to learn more the about process of the thermonuclear synthesis. Many accounts suggest that scientists in China and Iran are already succesful in this area. However, there is no record that any country has been able to really light up the solar star. The project ITER in Europe is developing an international thermonuclear reactor, experiments for which will not begin until 2015. Russia is among the countries and is planning to build its solar station by 2030. The plan is also to develop hydrogen as the ideal form of energy with no emissions. Concerted efforts of the international community, however, are required in speeding up these plans, because global warming is not slowing down...

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