Wednesday, February 27, 2008

'Hot seat' for women?

It is absolutely unacceptable how the media is treating Hillary Clinton. Debate after a debate I watch her being grilled, disrespected, interrupted, not allowed to finish. They are simply obnoxious to her. Even the Bush administration, responsible for all the crisis in this country, is not being treated like that. She is put in a 'hot seat' and frankly, Obama is enjoying cushions. You can search in this entire country and will find only a few other individuals as accomplished as Hillary Clinton. Yet she gets zero respect. What happened to the manners of these so-called 'gentlemen'? After all, a lady is sitting before them and not just an ordinary lady, but a First Lady of one of the most successful Presidents of this country! This is a woman whose name can righteously be placed in the list with the most accomplished American figures and as a President she would also find her place among Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Kennedy. I think, at the very least she deserves some courteous treatment...

Is this sexism? You bet it is. Of course, they are afraid to attack Obama for fear of being named 'racist' and raising the unified anger of the African-American community. They have decided that it is worse to be called racist than sexist. Even in the news I hear deplorable comments about sexism being somehow more politically acceptable than racism. Since when did that happen? To me, discimination is discrimination, no matter what is the basis. All types are equally reprehensible. It is breaking my heart to see such blatant sexism in our society!

My question is this, is it a 'democracy' when the media and the elites have already unofficially decided that Obama should be the next President and are pushing that agenda at all costs. How are people going to vote when all they see in the newspapers is bad 'vibe' about Hillary and ecstacy for Obama?! If your definition of democracy means poisoning people into compliance with your agenda with the help of the TV box, your definition is not mine. Let them treat these two candidates equally and with equal respect and courtesy and then whoever wins, it is earned. I think this whole process and this entire contest is ridiculous, not real and unfair... It is a comedy, a farce!

The same will happen in November elections. Only that time the media and the elites will eulogize John McCain and will push their agenda on you. The same thing happened in 2000, 2004...

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