Tuesday, February 26, 2008

'Elections' 2008 in Armenia

After fake and falsified elections-- similar to elections during the Soviet Union-- on February 19 there was an installment of a new Armenian President (full story). Sources are telling me that people were paid 5,000 in local money to elect the new President, Serzh Sarkisyan. This is a man loyalist to the previous President, Robert Kocharyan, who should be held responsible for a series of very obnoxious human rights violations and crimes during his Presidency.

Armenia currently similar to a Third World Country with some rare exceptions in rare categories is enmeshed in poverty, corruption and no real hope for any sort of uplifting. Justice has simply left this little country. While people are becoming more and more angry with the current situation-- protests and demonstrations in Yerevan are continuing-- there is no real chance for any type of democracy...

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