Monday, December 24, 2007

Right-wing monopoly

The question is how the Democrats can win the next election, when the whole media—the source of information for the American people, is taken over and under the monopoly of the right-wing ideology. Big business pays for the media outlets and is definitely right-wing. I have stopped watching the news because of frustration. But for the Internet, I would have no source of information. But most people are attached to TV and minute by minute, day by day are indoctrinated, brainwashed and misinformed by the media. All they hear is criticism and ridicule of other countries and their leaders. Europe is old and irrelevant, China is an economic threat, Russia is a despotism, Arabic nations are our enemies. We get programs like ‘Czar Putin’, when it is time for us to look at our own leaders here in the White House. Why is it that CNN does not make a program on Bush and his policies in these last 7 years? Why is it that in the run-up for the elections Republicans avoid discussing issues and focus again and again on values. They know they will lose on most issues disastrously and they focus on values. That is how they won their way in 2004. That is how they are hoping to win their way in 2008.

All they want you to do is to go to church and pray to God, because the government is really not in the business of helping you. Not that there is anything wrong with praying to God, but that they substitute God for ‘government.’ God must be your only guide. So when you are poor, pray to God. When you have no food to eat and homeless in the street, pray to God. Do not ask the government for support to get you up on your feet. When your rights are violated on a daily basis, all you can do is to pray to God. Meanwhile, the same government who does not want to help you to get out of poverty, will help the rich to get richer. They will cut the taxes for them. Who cares about the environment, about the middle-class squeezed and vanishing rapidly, about health-care, about social crisis. All we care is to make big money, which entails going to war for oil. As far as your fears about the perceived and real enemies of the nation, we will use your fears to our advantage. Our country is in grave danger and we are going to protect you.

This is what the media is telling the American people. Just like the 2000 and 2004 elections were orchestrated, I fear the same way the 2008 elections will be orchestrated. Most people watching TV will subscribe to the right-wing ideology without even knowing it. Information is the source of developing opinions on issues. Whatever information you get, your opinions will be formed accordingly.

Don't get me wrong. I am perfectly well aware that there are ordinary middle class people out there who truly believe in the Republican party and their value system. These are not rich businessmen, but they still do believe in the GOP. I respect them. But I only wish they formed their beliefs after getting a more objective picture of the reality. I also still think that both parties should get together and find solutions to the pressing problems. Division in the house is not a good thing. But coming together entails honest recognition of mistakes and flaws and committing to not repeating them again. It also entails recognition that the interests of the big business usually do not coincide with interests of the middle class and therefore, policies of a good responsible government must reflect its concern for the latter, not the former.

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