Thursday, December 27, 2007


How scary is it that a country with a sizeable arsenal of nuclear weapons is on a 'red alert' because of mounting instability? This is even more scary than the Cuban Missile crisis. Benazir Bhutto is killed. Nobody really knows by whom. It is too easy to point to an amorphous group of 'Islamic fundamentalists.' President Musharaff who has been the center of attention in these last three months condemns the killing... So, Benazir Bhutto's return to homeland just months ago (see on this blog) did not end well for her. But she came back because of talks with Musharaff about power-sharing. Musharaff has culpability for some of this. Of course, there are many versions as to who was most interested in getting rid of Benazir Bhutto-- none of them are fully convincing (see here). (for a story)

Instability, violence and militantism. Now Pakistan is following the footsteps of Iraq and has turned into a hot spot. Definitely Bhutto was a brave woman to have dared to go to Pakistan and try to do something good for her country. Like a butterfly she went to the fire...

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