Sunday, October 7, 2007


Pablo Picasso, (1881-1973) perhaps one of the most mysterious artists of the 20th century wrote once,

You have to wake people up. To revolutionize their way of identifying things. You've got to create images they won't accept. Make them foam at the mouth. Force them to understand that they are living in a pretty queer world. A world that is not reassuring. A world that is not what they think it is.

I myself think that everything is unknown; that everything is an enemy.

A painter must create what he experiences. Experiencing-- experiencing-- easy enough to say! It is not seeing in a particular way. It has nothing to do with interpreting.

While he was a Communist and received the Stalin Peace Prize (1950) and International Lenin Peace Prize (1962), he should have known that the 'revolutionary' artists and painters like him in the Soviet Union had a very sad fate... People like Minas Avetisyan, Sergei Parajanov and others, who were very much influenced by him and Salvador Dali, were going to be shut up and not allowed to create, because their images did precisely that-- challenge the present order...

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