Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Armenian children

UNICEF Armenia is alerting that the preschool enrollment for kids has drastically dropped since 1989 (from 47 to 21%) (here). Since preschool is the beginning of education, it lays an important foundation for secondary school. Therefore, its enrollment is a crucial factor for the future of a child's education.
Generally, education is affected by the economy. Since Armenia has suffered in a major way since the Independence and the war in Nagorno Karabakh, its educational level has deteriorated. More and more kids drop out of High School or are transferred to home schooling to accommodate their working schedules. This was far from the situation before. Armenia always enjoyed a high educational ranking. With privatization of public schools, more and more kids no longer can afford higher education... While there are still public institutes and Universities, admission into those is very competitive, leaving many disadvantaged kids out... Moreover, getting education is no longer a ticket to good living. The academicians, professors and educated people earn ridiculous salaries. Businessmen with High School diplomas and connections are the ones who earn a decent living. So, why get education? It is just engrained in the Armenian culture that people should get higher education at any cost...

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