Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wake Up!

Yes, it is global warming... and yes, each and every one of us is responsible to prevent the catastrophe! Live Earth Concerts and Al Gore's amazing dedication show that if we raise our awareness about the crisis, we can all do something about it... This is easier than preventing weapons of mass destructions, because there, states are the actors... Here we are the actors, as private individuals. Every day we should think seriously about how much we can do! Think about our daily consumption of energy. Why do people need to freeze in their offices at 65F degrees? Why is it that we do not like using public transportation? Why is it that we do not recycle? Why do we need to buy those ugly SUVs? Think about what will happen in 20-30 years if we do not stop and think for a moment! Do you imagine what our children will be going through because of our lethargy today? The air quality in most of our urban cities is absolutely deplorable... The number of deseases arising from that only is not to be counted here... I am not even talking about the garbage we throw at our environment every day... Walking in the park has become a travail-- watching all the trash emanating from the picknickers...
Why is it that the human civilization, so sophisticated and so intelligent, is also so self-destructive? This is a moment to wake up and realize that survival demands action!

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