Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Vladimyr Vysotsky

On July 25, 1980 the Soviet Union lost one of its most talented sons. Vladimyr Vysotsky was not only a singer, a poet. He was the living conscience of the Soviet Union. A hero, a martyr... He was one of the very few who openly criticized and castigated the totalitarian regime of the empire. And he did it with such breathtaking power, passion and intense anger that it really cost him his health... He died shouting the truth and twisting his fists... His whole life was like a conflagration and a complete insane sacrifice for the love of his country. In his last letter he expressed his agony over the future of the country and despair... He has remained one of the most beloved figures in the former Soviet Union. His legacy can only be compared with that of Martin Luther King Jr. in the U.S... But he did not die in vain. Russia has had a profound change since his times and is on its way to European integration and democratization. There is much hope for that. It takes martyrs like Vysotsky to accomplish this much.

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