Thursday, August 21, 2014

Racism and police state

The recent tragedy and ensuing police crackdown of protesters in Ferguson, Mo, have created a painful flashback and deja vu feelings confirming our deep-seated fears that racism in America is far from in subsidence, but actually in a rise. As innocent black kids get intimidated, harassed, jailed and murdered at the hands of our militaristic police, stamped by silent imprimatur and complacence of official authorities, a looming question arises in the horizon, just what responsibility as a society we owe to the humanity. The world is watching as we as a nation, continuously declaring our moral superiority over the rest, condemning other nations and positioning ourselves as a superpower, are sinking in the worst human rights record of treatment of blacks and, have erected a huge domestic military arsenal, a police state, to perpetuate the status quo.

Call for action.

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