Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We, trial lawyers...

The California Public Defenders Association is presenting its 37th Annual Summer Basic Trial Skills Program at the University of San Diego... The program will last from July 27 thru August 1... This is strictly for criminal defense practitioners, as well as public defenders (with relatively limited experience)... But if I am going to be there, you are welcome to join us, as long as you belong to this exclusive group of developing trial lawyers... See, for us, trial lawyers, real life begins and ends in the courtroom, at trial!!! Words 'Objection, Your Honor' make up a whole host of reflexes day or night... Sometimes I blurt that out even when talking with my family... not joking... Then I often say 'But Your Honor' even to those not wearing that respectful robe... Losing my mind? Hardly. Just trying to become better at it.

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