Saturday, March 29, 2008


Secessionism and the so-called Kosovo precedent is seeing its countertrend too. Moldova, a former republic of the Soviet Union, and some groups in neighboring Romania are contemplating a union. Like many other republics Moldova has severely deteriorated in many aspects as a result of the independence and the collapse of the USSR. With a weak economy and high poverty numbers it is in search for unification, this time not with Russia, a long-time ally, but with European Union. Who would resist such a temptation? Ethnically, culturally and linguistically Moldovans and Romanians share a lot. While not every country in the EU would welcome the move given the economic advantages and inherent responsibilities, it is something to watch for in the coming future... In the upcoming NATO summit it is quite possible that Romania will seek the 'blessing' of the Alliance for this interesting possibility. For more read.

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